Freight forwarding at ports

Forwarding cargo service in the ports of Ukraine is a due procedure regardless of the operation: import or export, one pallet or a container – customs clearance at the ports is a mandatory link in the supply chain of goods in accordance with the regulations of Ukraine.

Since the seaports of Ukraine are a customs control zone, all cargo must first be inspected authorities at the port area.

The freight forwarding services consists in documenting the goods, checking them in accordance with the documents, including the weight of the cargo, its dimensions, number of pieces and other additional parameters, as well as work with customs authorities regarding customs clearance of the goods.

This duty is carried out by forwarding companies that have contracts with shipping lines, ports, and terminals.

The list of basic freight forwarding services includes:

  • Registration of documentation for cargo handling in the port;
  • passage of all port services with documents for obtaining permits for taking our from the port;
  • surveyor services, if required, check the parameters of the cargo;
  • services truck registration for arrival and departure from the port;
  • accommodation services for the consolidation of goods;
  • Customs clearance.

For cargo clearance in ports, the customer only needs to send the original documents of the Shipper (bill of lading – 3 original copies, original invoices and packing list indicating the net / gross weight of each item). These documents need to be sent to the forwarding company, which checks the package of documents and on their basis forms a document – order for port services, including signatures and stamps on all documents that are in the set. As a rule, this procedure takes 1-2 days, depending on the schedule of services, the availability of all necessary documents, correctness of their execution.

After the passage of port services, the documents are transferred to the driver, who delivers them to customs for customs clearance. If the customer performs customs clearance on the port territory, the set of documents can be handed over to the customs authorities directly by the freight forwarder. In this case, the cleared cargo goes directly to the customer’s warehouse.