FTL (Full Truck Load) is a cargo delivery by an automobile transport; it is the most convenient and fast way of land delivery. This type of logistic service is common in any country in the world, because auto delivery does not require additional infrastructure

There are various types of caravans for transporting any type of cargo. Grain trucks, timber trucks, tilted cars, refrigerators are only part of the list of car models that do their work every day

The most common and versatile are the tilted machines. They are reliable, cargo-carrying and convenient in work when loading or unloading goods. Cargo is always protected from weather conditions, there is access to any part of the trailer.

Grain trucks
Timber trucks
Tilted cars

Trucks are divided into categories according to the permissible vehicle load weight. There are 1-ton, 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20-ton platforms, which also differ in the value of the useful volume for transportation. This list of auto-platforms allows each customer to choose the best truck for their needs, which is fits best to the parameters of the cargo and how to load it.

Trucks are able to can ply in any directions that are allowed by the legal system and are confirmed by the licenses and documents of the carrier company. In Ukraine for domestic road transportation there is one list of criteria, and for the international transportations, additional permits and licenses are required. Practically, cargos are imported to Ukraine from any European country where there are road connections.

That is why customers prefer to transport by trucks. To get the price for the trucking service it is enough to choose the type of truck, specify the parameters of the cargo and the route of transportation from the loading address to the Customer, including the address of the customs clearance point.

In the event that the delivery decision satisfies the Client, he sends the sender’s contacts and the order number to identify his goods in production. The logistics company sends the driver’s contacts and the number of the car that will arrive for download.

When processing the goods according to the documents from the sender, a transportation document is generated, which is sent for examination and confirmation by the customer, as well as (in the case of international transportation – import to Ukraine) a transit or export declaration.

When importing goods at the border, the Customer submits a PP or PD declaration.

Preliminary notification (PR) – advanced notification to the of income and fees authority about the intention to import goods into the customs territory of Ukraine. When you make a PP mandatory payments are not charged and not paid.

A preliminary customs declaration (PD) is submitted in order to importation of goods to Ukraine. PD is submitted by the declarant or its authorized representative to the customs authority in whose zone of activity the goods will be presented for customs clearance, in order to carry out risk analysis, speed up customs formalities and ensure their delivery to the destination customs authority. When issuing a PD, there is a mandatory provision by the declarant to ensure the payment of customs duties to the customs control authorities (when imported into the customs territory of Ukraine).

After passing through all customs formalities, the cargo is delivered to the customer’s warehouse specified in the Order. Cargo is considered as delivered if it is completely unloaded at the Cnees warehouse, and the customer has put a note on its receipt at the transport document.