International air freights

Air freight is the fastest type of delivery that allows you to deliver cargo from one point to another as soon as possible. When choosing air transportation services, the main requirements of the customer are the prompt delivery and integrity of the cargo. Customers are ready to additionally pay for delivery at fixed times, so air transportation is the most expensive type of logistics (if we take the cost of the weight of the goods transported)..

This type of service is mostly relevant among buyers of small consignments weighing up to 1 ton, although it is possible to send huge consignment by ordering a charter flight.

Why Air Freight?
Air services make it possible to receive your cargo from anywhere in the world in a short time. A reliable links between airports connects the continents and allows you to plan the exact route and schedule for the delivery of goods. Airlines provide complete information on the movement of cargo, the status of which can be remotely monitored via the Internet at any time.

With the growth of the global economy, the air transportation service is developing dynamically, increasing the number of shipments annually, which allows airlines to offer new routes between airports and use warehouse logistics at the largest airports. This ensures the optimization of the delivery price, as well as provides for the expansion of the geography of supply.

Therefore, choosing air delivery, it is easy for the customer to choose the best route using the actual services of different airlines, while getting the best price.

Today, there are many consolidation airports, among which the largest are Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Dubai, Frankfurt, Istanbul and others.

Among other advantages of air service:

  • Cost savings. For small lots (up to 45 kg), in addition to the speed of delivery, the best price is also. Therefore, many courier services use air service as the best at the price and time of delivery.

  • Frequency and frequency of deliveries. Air transportation is the most regular type of delivery, as it uses the planned schedule for the arrival and departure of aircraft. Since the largest airports cooperate with various airlines, it is possible to receive cargo at different times during the day, according to the approved flight schedule of the aircraft.

  • Cargo monitoring. Buyers of the goods themselves can monitor the status of the transport of their goods.

How to order air delivery?
To order air delivery, just contact the logistics company, specifying the route of transportation and the size of each item of cargo. According to these data, the optimal route of delivery, the volumetric weight of the cargo and the price are calculated. The logistics company indicates the first possible departure date, the name of the airline and the route that the cargo will go. The customer only needs to choose the best option and send the shipper’s contacts. The logistics company itself controls the process in what follows, since it communicates with the shipper and informs the buyer on all the details of its cargo.

If the order comes from the Shipper, the logistics company together with its agent determines the nearest airport and provides the buyer of the goods with the contacts of his agent at that airport. The agent independently arranges the pickup of cargo at his warehouse, checks the details of the cargo, its integrity, as well as reserves a capacity for the first available flight. As a rule, this whole process does not take more than 2 days after the shipment is ready.

Each customer is given the opportunity to monitor the movement of goods until his arrival at the destination airport.

In Ukraine, the largest airport is Boryspil International Airport. Delivery of small quantities of goods is also possible to the airports of the largest cities of Ukraine, such as Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv

Depending on whether the customs clearance is carried out at the airport or at the customs terminal of the customer, the cargo is delivered by truck to the customs warehouse or warehouse of the customer.