LTL (Less than Truckload) service is the transportation of a multitude of goods from different shippers, collected in one place and loaded into one truck for delivery to different consignees on a specific schedule. In the same way, deliveries of consolidated cargoes from Europe to Ukraine are carried out.

LTL transport features

  • cost-effectiveness;
  • transportation of small and medium shipments;
  • the weight of the load is usually from 75 kg to 10 tons;
  • transit time is longer than for FTL carriage;
  • cargo is usually allocated on pallets.

How is the delivery of consolidated cargo from Europe?
Often the customer needs to send a small batch of goods outside the country. Many unscrupulous transport companies in such cases offer to hire a separate truck and to pay all transportation costs. However, a more expedient solution is to collect cargo. This procedure involves sending a certain amount of goods from different customers in the same direction. If you need delivery of general cargoes from Europe to Ukraine, we will be glad to see you among the clients of our company. We have many years of experience in the field of international freight transport and offer the most favorable conditions for cooperation.

From all other transport companies we are distinguished by high professionalism and an individual approach to each customer. In addition, we guarantee each customer the following benefits:

  • the development of optimal cost and time of the route;
  • professional consultation on the issues of transportation;
  • careful monitoring of the health of all vehicles;
  • controlling deadlines;
  • the best conditions for cooperation.

To order consolidated cargo from Europe
Consolidated cargo from Europe or Asia is a common name for a small quantity of goods from each customer. You get the opportunity to share the cost of delivery with other customers of the company.
Consolidated cargo from Europe, delivered by our company, will help you to ensure your business with regular product updates. A large number of customers and the presence of offices in each country make it possible to carry out uninterrupted supply of goods. In addition, consolidation cargo from Europe or vice versa is a great opportunity to send parcels to their loved ones and friends. You do not have to trust your goods to strangers. You hire the official carrier in our person, which guarantees the faithful fulfillment of all obligations.

Consolidated cargo: prompt delivery from the company “Your Logistics”
The service of delivery of consolidated cargoes to Europe has appeared relatively recently, however, it has already managed to gain immense popularity among customers. This is due to many factors. The fact is that for individuals and small companies the price of renting a separate vehicle for sending abroad is a very heavy amount. There are also cases when the total cost of the shipment is much lower than the cost of delivery. And this means that such transportation is not profitable. Despite the fact that international consolidated shipping has a lot of specific requirements and features, you absolutely do not need to worry about them. Our company will transport cargo from Europe to Ukraine on favorable terms.

We always carefully treat the property of our customers and guarantee special care in relation to the cargo. Thanks to this, you can be absolutely sure about the safety and security of your goods. We carry out transportation along pre-planned routes, which allows us to reduce transportation costs and reduce transportation time. That is why the prices of our services are more than affordable.

Arrangement of the LTL service with the market operator “Your Logistics”:

  1. Calculating the cost of delivery. The customer can use the mobile application where you can receive an automatic message with a rate or simply contact the company manager to get the cost.
    Data that is needed to receive the rate: delivery conditions, the shipper’s address, weight, size, method of delivery of the goods on the territory of Ukraine and the address of the warehouse of the consignee .
    Possible ways of cargo delivery in Ukraine: self-pickup from the terminal, delivery as part of consolidated truck, as part of a separate truck.
  2. Confirmation the goods are ready. A representative of our company contacts the representative of the shipper and confirms the readiness of the shipment.
  3. Notifications the Customer about the shipment of goods. After receiving the goods from the shipper, the personal manager notifies the customer about the exact date of delivery of the goods to the recipient’s warehouse.
  4. Receiving data for customs clearance: The customs clearance service in “Your Logistics” company: one day before arrival at the terminal, the customer receives the amount of customs payments – the notification comes to the mobile application. After customs clearance, “Your Logistics” provides the customer with a completed declaration and data on the truck, which will deliver the goods to the consignee’s warehouse.
  5. Invoicing and payment of bills. “Your Logistics”, on the day when the goods are unloaded at the customer’s warehouse, bills for all the services provided during transportation. The customer is obliged to pay the bill within 3 bank days after receiving the bill from the operator.