Yahodyn Complex

The Yahodyn Complex includes two modern customs terminals (for export and import), a hotel and customs warehouses, which are located in 200 meters from Yahodyn Customs Checkpoint.

The customs terminal location allows market participants in foreign trade activities to plan logistics routes, to break down shipments of merchandise into small parcels when entering Ukraine, and distribution of small-lot shipments to the final consignee or for retail sale.

Yahodyn Complex Import Terminal, with a total area of ​​7.53 hectares, includes:

  1. The truck parking lot with a space for 211 trucks;
  2. Modern and modernized ramp with 10 gates;
  3. Truck scales;
  4. Customs warehouse 515 m2;
  5. The administrative building, which includes Customs Clearance Division, offices and the customs brokers working area.

Handling operations on the terminal area are carried out with modern equipment to simplify the customs inspection process.

Area of the terminal is equipped with a video surveillance and lighting systems.

Yahodyn Complex Export Terminal with a total area of ​​4.89 hectares and truck parking lot with a space for 324 trucks.